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Leading Team Alpha Book Cover

Leading Team Alpha is a novel about a software business, Dandadata, that suddenly finds itself trailing its major competitor when they announce a new version of their product. Dean, a manager at Dandadata, has been working on NU technology with a small team of four people and must build his team and incorporate NU technology into the DandaData mainstream product to save the company.

Navigating treacherous market forces and political headwinds, Dean incorporates research-based leadership elements as he learns them from Dr. Solomon (Sol) König, a local university professor.

  • A quick, entertaining story illustrating the fundamentals of leadership based on scientific research
  • Demonstrations of how to have effective, difficult conversations with team members
  • An excellent book for leadership programs and new manager training

The academic community has studied leadership for over half a century—yet little has leaked out to the business community. Leading Team Alpha is a unique book, presenting the scientifically determined fundamentals of leadership in a novel.

Sitting at his desk one spring morning, the phone rings, “Dean, did you see what BenSoft just announced? They’re saying they’re going to deliver your NU technology in July.” His gum still popping, Tony continued, “We’re toast, pal, unless you deliver soon. Hate to see what this is gonna do to the stock price. Just wanted to make sure you knew. Remember you heard it here first. Ciao, pal.” And so Dean must learn to build Team Alpha at DandaData in order to save the company.

Recalling his helpful discussions many years prior, Dean turns to his college psychology professor, Dr. Solomon (Sol) König, for valuable leadership lessons. As the novel unfolds, we follow Dean as he puts the five fundamentals of leadership into action:

  • Selecting team members
  • Motivating the team
  • Ensuring alignment with the organization
  • Focusing on the goals
  • Ensuring job satisfaction so that team members do not drop out

Sol teaches the history of leadership research, the five-factor model of personality, the role of the ego, worker motivation, and more.

As we journey along with Dean we experience the depths of despair in political battles lost, the clash of diverse cultures, frustration of divergent views, and vindication with just rewards.

The story takes place primarily in Ann Arbor, Michigan with several scenes in Bengaluru India.

Winner of the Reader Views Literary Award 2011 for Business/Sales/Economics
Winner of the National Indie Excellence Book Award 2011 for Leadership

Contains illustrations, references, and an index.

Hardcover: ISBN 978-0-9770884-3-0 $24.95
Kindle: ISBN 978-0-9770884-2-3 ($14.95)
ePub for iPad, Nook & Sony Readers: ISBN 978-0-9770884-1-6 (4Q, 2011)

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